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Opening Reception: Paige Mulhern + Sandy Deacon

Sandy Deacon moved to Provincetown, MA, to continue painting after attending grad school residencies at the Fine Arts Work Center. She now lives and paints in the bay area of California, but also maintains a painting studio in Provincetown where she works several times a year.

I begin my abstract painting and drawings with a simple premise: to limit the structural development a composition to a minimal range of repeated shapes and patterns Having self imposed restrictions allows me the freedom to be obsessive as I need to be, but with the focus and hopefully reduced over thinking…well, at least theoretically. I impost these visual puzzles upon myself to satisfy the need to compulsively arrange and rearrange shapes and combine and adjust unexpected colors and light relationships. Given the many horrors of reality, my goal at this moment is to create images that provoke some sense of freedom, safety and joy. And hopefully they look awesome, or at least some will turn out to be worth looking at.

Paige Mulhern is a Boston based illustrator. Her work, a colorful and detail oriented diary, narrates her story through graphic and bold imagery. Painting to preserve the imaginative powers of her youth, she gives playful personalities to the inanimate and saturates the ordinary. 

With this series, Paige offers an illustrative documentation of Ptown as she sees it. Through this exploration, the artist toys with the original definition of the word “gay”— gleefully making light of her strives toward accepting her queerness, celebrating it, and loving it. 

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